Because Quality Service Matters.

There’s no denying it: artificial intelligence (AI) is more prevalent than ever before, especially in the world of quality solutions. Speech analytics prove a powerful tool, tirelessly searching records, solving complicated problems, and computing with incredible speed. AI provides an organization with the ability to mine 100% of calls they receive, which can be extremely […]

The right coaching can yield happier employees and more loyal customers.   How important is good coaching to the success of your contact center? If you answered “extremely important,” you are correct. That’s probably why contact centers allocate so much time and money to coaching. Research by McKinsey suggests that the average 500-person contact center […]

In any industry, quality is that valuable attribute that all businesses want to provide and that customers expect. At ARC, quality is our passion! We are committed to continuous quality improvement, particularly to help businesses provide value in every customer interaction. We aim for perfection by immersing ourselves in your company culture.   Our ARC […]

Customer Satisfaction

As many businesses know, customer service is a vital part of organizational success. When customers are happy, businesses should be happy. In turn, measuring customer satisfaction has been a core focus for customer centric companies. What is Customer Satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is defined as a measurement to determine how happy customers are with your services. […]

Customer Satisfaction Score

The customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is widely utilized by companies to gauge customer experience metrics. Similar to customers writing a review and giving a star ranking, CSAT can ask customers to quantify how they feel after interacting with the company. CSAT scores can help organizations learn information such as: Individual touchpoints Sales interactions Product or […]

In today’s undeniably and increasingly modern world, brands, companies, and businesses of all sizes are presented with a plethora of technology at their disposal. These tools can, and will absolutely help your team uplevel their performance. The sheer volume of information that is made available is transformational. These incredibly useful modes of analysis are bringing […]

As we progress further into the future of customer experience, it’s important that we take an incredibly granular approach to the relationship between your agents and your clients. Your business is offering more, building a client base, and connecting with more people than ever, especially through varied channels. The chances are, as your company grows, […]

When it comes to providing meaningful, intentional support to your customers, a massive part of the equation boils down to a few central concepts: gratitude, empathy, and compassion.   These may seem like the basics, but in a year that has thrown more than its share of curveballs, customers are looking for genuine care, real […]

  At the foundation of every successful business is their CX team. When they make contact with a customer, there’s a massive opportunity for your business to establish a life-long client. That moment happens when a representative goes above and beyond to make sure the interaction is a positive one. In the same way, if […]

The Obstacles When we think about providing customers with a memorable, excellent customer experience, we understand that the interactions they have are more than just a conversation. That moment of contact between your customers and your sales representative could be the difference between a bigger sale or no sale. That conversation could bring you hundreds […]

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