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Here are some of the problems
an ARC A+ rating can help you solve

  • Poor or declining customer satisfaction rates.
  • High employee turnover rates.
  • Your business has plateaued.
  • Low retention and loyalty among customers and/or employees.
  • Non-compliance issues and inconsistent quality control.
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Everything You'll Receive:

As a special 'Thank You' for trying out our service, you'll also be receiving a few bonus gifts.

Your Free Call Evaluation & Report

Your Free Call Evaluation includes an Evaluation Report, valued at $320, but is yours free of charge! Once you upload your Call Audio Recording, we will audit the call based on our industry experience. We’ll then create a report for you filled with recommendations for updates and improvements based on the call itself. A CX Expert will give you custom suggestions on what should be included. We will have your results in just three business days.

Your ARC Customer Experience (CX) Rating

Your bonus package will include your current ARC Rating. Will it be an A+? We certainly hope so. But even if you receive a B or C-, we will include guidelines to show you exactly how to get your CX game up to A+ status.

Bonus: Refinement of your Existing Evaluation Report

If you already have an Evaluation Report, we will refine it for you as a bonus for trying out our services. We will ask you to provide us with a copy of your current call evaluation, and we will provide you with a bonus analysis of your call evaluation, along with recommendations.

Bonus: Free Ebook!

You’ll also receive a free copy of our eBook: 4 Ways to Transform & Optimize Your Contact Center, which you can download immediately after filling out the form.
eBook: 4 Ways to Transform & Optimize Your Contact Center

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Speech Analytics are changing CX
  • How to gain valuable insights that put you years ahead of your competitors
  • The keys to creating a thriving culture
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