In any industry, quality is that valuable attribute that all businesses want to provide and that customers expect. At ARC, quality is our passion! We are committed to continuous quality improvement, particularly to help businesses provide value in every customer interaction. We aim for perfection by immersing ourselves in your company culture.


Our ARC experts strive to understand your company from the perspective of your customers. We know that by doing so, we can help you to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with each customer interaction. We thrive on changing companies by helping them cultivate meaningful connections with their customers.


We also realize the importance of looking beyond workflows and processes to seek quality in our life experiences. We believe that the highest quality of life is achieved through balance. Holding true to this principle, the end of the year and holidays present a time and opportunity for contemplative giving. Fostering the idea of meaningful connections through giving allows us to become part of something bigger than ourselves. And when we embrace a spirt of sharing, we are motivated to become the best versions of ourselves – personally and professionally.


Just as we endeavor to provide you and your customers with the highest level of quality through your processes and communications, there are many organizations that help improve the quality of life for thousands of people daily. There are several organizations that share the common values we practice at ARC—integrity, passion, resilience, service, collaboration, and more. During the holidays and throughout the year, ARC supports these organizations for their work of improving the quality of people’s lives globally. As we embark on another holiday season, we want to take a moment to share with you some of the charitable ways we choose to contribute to these transformational endeavors.


World Resources Institute (WRI)


WRI is a global research organization that was founded in 1982. With locations in the US and in over 50 countries abroad, they strive to help humanity live in ways that are healthy and safe for the environment through sustainable practices.


World Food Program (WFP)


WFP is a humanitarian organization working to improve lives through food delivery assistance and nutrition improvement, with a focus in areas affected by conflict, and the prevention of the use of hunger as a weapon.


International Justice Mission


The focus of the International Justice Mission is to help protect those who live in poverty from violence against women and children, slavery, and abuse of power through building stronger justice systems and victim restoration efforts.


Housatonic Valley Association (HVA)


HVA works to protect and restore the environmental health of the Housatonic Watershed by seeking eco-friendly balance that allows for growth while protecting water quality, wetlands, and vistas.


Cornwall Woman’s Society


The Cornwall Woman’s Society is a non-profit organization that was originally formed to offer grants to local students who are entering college.Founded in 1924, the CWS supports the local community and provides help where needed.


We invite you to explore and consider these worthy institutions during this season of giving and gratitude. And if you feel drawn to do so, please consider donating – whether financially or with your time. Or, if you prefer, there are innumerable charitable opportunities regionally, nationally, and globally that you can engage to improve the quality of life for people in your community and beyond.


Please consider joining with ARC in adopting a giving and sharing mindset this holiday season. The act of lending a helping hand to others can not only improve their quality of life, but it can improve your health and happiness as well! Sometimes the simplest act of kindness – picking up the tab for the car behind you in the drive-through, holding a door open for someone, or simply sharing a genuine smile — can make a bigger impact than you know.

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