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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Gain Insight Into Your Customer’s Satisfaction

Our associates can place calls directly, plan a mailing survey, or reach out via email to gather valuable, measurable data. Each customer survey program consists of a series of questions that will help you identify what your business is doing well and where you can bolster your results.

Our associates place calls directly to your customers and can also plan a mailing or email survey to reach out to your customer base. Each customer survey program consists of a series of questions that provide measurable data. You and your team can clearly identify what areas your team are exceeds in, and where improvements can be made for the best results possible.

Similar to the Telephone Mystery Shopping and Remote Call Monitoring programs, every survey call is evaluated on a Customer Satisfaction Survey form and a series of detailed reports are available through our online reporting system on an ongoing basis.

Customer Surveys Tailored to your Unique Business Goals


ARC will design a custom survey that caters to your company’s specific needs. Your organization’s most pressing goals are our goals too. Target particular product segments, customer demographics, or geographical regions to find out the very best ways to serve your valued customers.


A customer satisfaction survey administered in tandem with a remote contact monitoring program or a mystery shopping program can yield essential data to leverage your strengths and set you apart from your competitors.


Visit our Client Testimonials page to see how a customer care satisfaction survey can benefit your business. Contact ARC today at (860) 567-3733 or via our convenient contact form.

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