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Remote Call, Chat, and Email Performance Evaluations

Remote Call, Chat, and Email Performance Evaluation

Objective Evaluation

It’s no secret—training and motivating contact center representatives takes time, effort, and resources. Being watched by a direct supervisor can create an anxious workplace, directly impacting your results. ARC’s objective observation takes the pressure off of you and your representatives and provides a more accurate, realistic snapshot of your contact center’s performance.


ARC works side by side with your staff to provide a high quality, objective evaluation of important calls, chats, and emails to help your company build a reputation of great customer service.

Accurate and Objective Data


Completely objective and entirely accurate, our program at ARC gives you a realistic picture of the service your customers are getting.


Depending on which type of monitoring system you use, we can access prerecorded logged calls or monitor live calls remotely.


Your representatives, either as a group or individually, will never know when or if we’re listening in, giving you a candid look at the quality of your contact center.

Benefits of a Custom Performance Evaluation Program


Time is an invaluable resource. That’s why our programs are tailored to your company’s needs. There is untapped potential within every contact center, and ARC can analyze, interpret, and evaluate interactions using quality measures and objectives based on your specific areas of concern. Our quick turnaround and competitive prices allows your company to improve faster, more effectively, and with better results.


Identify Call Center Training Needs


Our objectivity can be especially useful when concerns arise regarding a particular representative’s performance and wish to identify specific training needs or customer interaction issues. Remote monitoring helps determine if one-to-one coaching sessions could improve the situation.

Third Party Evaluation


Outsourcing your contact center? ARC is prepared to provide third party call monitoring to determine the quality of service you are receiving from your outsource vendor. No more questioning the value of your outsourced dollar.


ARC has countless long-term clients who have seen excellent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings, sales performance, and other quality indicators as a direct result of our remote monitoring and mystery shopping services. Visit our ARC Client Testimonials page to see what a custom call quality program can do for your company.


If you have more questions or are ready to put your remote monitoring program in place, contact ARC at (860) 567-3733 or via our convenient website contact form.




At this time, we offer all of our services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Mandarin, Japanese, and Thai.


Translation services include full or partial transcripts in the language and translations into English. We are always adding new languages! Please contact us if you do not see the language you need.

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