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Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Objective Evaluation via Telephone Mystery Shopping

The professional Telephone Mystery Shoppers ARC provides are trained, experienced, and committed to providing the most information possible. We’ll work with you to include all the variables unique to your industry. We can adjust the program to concentrate on identified problem areas or specific training issues that you need to be targeted.

Tailored to Your Unique Business Concerns

Our mystery shoppers pose as actual customers, calling or emailing to place orders or ask specific questions, allowing you to hone in on your individual needs.


We’ll identify any number of key customer service areas, including call etiquette, problem-solving, and listening skills. For emails, we’ll evaluate response times, grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and thoroughness to ensure your customers are treated the way you’d want them to be.

Track & Analyze Complete Transactions


With a mystery shopping program, an actual live account can be established to track a complete order transaction through every stage of the process. This allows you and your management team a look at the entire customer service experience, demonstrating not only how individual representatives are functioning, but how your business systems and training programs are working globally to accomplish your company goals.


ARC can pinpoint areas where processes may not be meshing to their best potential or where more intensive training in certain key areas may be needed. Clients may also request that calls be digitally recorded for later review, accompanied by full transcripts for a very reasonable charge.


Let ARC provide you with the tools you need to be 100% for your clients on every call.

Other Mystery Shopping Options


In addition to telephone mystery shopping, we offer email. chat, and text mystery shopping to track response times, grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and thoroughness.




At this time, we offer all of our services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Mandarin, Japanese, and Thai.


Translation services include full or partial transcripts in the language and translations into English. We are always adding new languages! Please contact us if you do not see the language you need.


Objective Evaluation


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