Customer Satisfaction Score

The customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is widely utilized by companies to gauge customer experience metrics. Similar to customers writing a review and giving a star ranking, CSAT can ask customers to quantify how they feel after interacting with the company. CSAT scores can help organizations learn information such as:

  • Individual touchpoints
  • Sales interactions
  • Product or service satisfaction

CSAT is one of the most popular metrics to gain insight into customer experience. However, it’s important to remember that a successful product or more revenue doesn’t always correlate with happy customers. It’s always best to view CSAT in conjunction with other key metrics to find a correlation rather than on its own.

Using CSAT Scores to Find Problems

Much like surveys or questionnaires, CSAT scores can help organizations analyze responses from various situations and then compare results to find out what might be going wrong internally. Finding a trend will likely bring you to the source of the problem, where you can then trouble shoot the situation and come up with a strategy for improvement.

Why CSAT Matters

Most consumers have an idea of why customer satisfaction is important based on our own experiences. If we have a good experience with a business (satisfied with the product or service) we’re likely to go back. However, if we’re unhappy we’re likely to stop giving that company service. From the company perspective, customer satisfaction has a more far-reaching impact.

Overtime, satisfied customers lead to not only product loyalty but brand loyalty, and are likely to develop a positive emotional connection with that brand. Another good reason to aim for a level of customer experience that exceeds rather than meets expectations is that a highly positive experience is much more likely to gain other prospects from satisfied customers telling their friends and family about their experience.

What do You do with CSAT?

Close the Loop with Your Customers

Responding to customers that send in neutral or low rating CSAT surveys allows you to build a better rapport with those possibly disengaged customers. By asking for more information and engaging in conversation, it shows that you care about what they think, and allows you to gain more insight in how to improve your product or service.

Improve Processes

CSAT scores can be used to identify pain points around sales, onboarding, customer service, products, internal processes, and so on. By improving upon the customer and employee experience, you can ultimately increase brand loyalty and add value to your company.

Track It Over Time

When you track your CSAT over time, you can gain insight into how your team is doing. Using a long-term measurement can give you an idea of whether your overall strategy is working or not. For example, if it’s been steadily going down, it’s likely something needs to change.

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