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When you contract with ARC as a telephone mystery shopper or call auditor, you provide actionable insights to our clients and create real, measurable change for their employees and customers.
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Welcome to the ARC Shopper Hub!

Find the link to register as a shopper, our Online Mystery Shopper Training Course, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

Apply to be a Mystery Shopper

You may submit your shopper registration at where you will have access to a much larger network of Mystery Shopper Providers and opportunities for shops, both onsite and telephone shops. Please note that this link will redirect you to the iSecretShop website and shopper platform.


Join the nearly 1,000,000 contractors on the iSecretShop platform whose observations are sought out by businesses around the world.

Online Training Program

Stand out from the crowd! Take our Online Telephone Mystery Shopper Training Course and start producing telephone mystery shops and reports that will make a positive impression with MSPs and put you at the top of their shopper lists.


Coming in Q1 2024 – Join the waitlist for launch details today!

Shopper FAQ

General Questions

Does it cost anything to become a Telephone Mystery Shopper?

No, you will never be asked to pay to register as a mystery shopper. Although there may be mystery shops offered with associated reimbursable costs, we will never ask you to pay to work for us.

What qualifies someone as a Telephone Mystery Shopper?

Prior experience, certifications, and industry training are helpful but not required to become a Telephone Mystery Shopper. Some assignments may be restricted to shoppers with certain demographics, such as gender, age, income or education level, etc.


All Telephone Mystery Shoppers must have access to a reliable computer with internet access and an email account, and a phone with good service.

What are Telephone Mystery Shopper hours like?

As an independent contractor, you have the freedom to request and/or accept any assignments offered to you and, thus, make your own schedule. Many assignments do have required hours in which to place the phone calls, but accepting those assignments is entirely up to you!

When do Telephone Mystery shops occur?

Our clients often require contact center evaluation during evening and weekend times in addition to the standard 9 to 5 workday.


Each assignment has different time and date requirements, which are detailed in the shop instructions online.

How do I find assignments?

Register at where you will have access to a much larger network of Telephone Mystery Shopper Providers and opportunities for shops, both onsite and telephone shops.

Who is a Telephone Mystery shopper and what do they do?

Telephone Mystery Shoppers call businesses, posing as typical customers. They provide the best opportunity for the agent to succeed while gathering information about the customer experience. Afterward, an evaluation is completed about the customer service given, products and services offered, and policies and procedures followed.

What is done with the information gathered?

The Telephone Mystery Shopping Company compiles and audits the information gathered and delivers it to the business who uses the information to better train the agent that was “shopped”.

Is this legal?

Yes. Businesses that hire Telephone Mystery Shopping Companies are required to inform their employees and the employees must sign a consent form. Therefore, the employee knows they will be “shopped,” however they don’t know when. ARC and our clients all comply with state laws and statues regarding Telephone Mystery Shopping.

Payment FAQ

How will I be paid?

All payments are paid through PayPal and all shoppers are required to have a PayPal account to receive payment.

How much will I be paid?

Shoppers are paid a set flat rate amount for completing each assignment. The amount is displayed online when you decide to accept the shop. Complexity of the shop and other criteria can also play a factor.

When will I be paid?

Payments will be issued by the third business day of the month following the month in which your acceptable shop was conducted, provided that the shop was accepted, and any required updates/edits were made in the required turnaround timeframe.


No payments will be made on shops or shop edits not submitted within the required time frame. Payments for assignments completed successfully will be made via PayPal. No other methods of payment will be issued.*


Please contact with any questions.


Below are some of the reasons you may be missing a payment:


  1. Your PayPal email address may not be entered or may be spelled incorrectly in your profile.
  2. You changed your PayPal email address.


*ARC Consulting, LLC reserves the right to revise this schedule at its discretion.

Independent Contractor?

As a shopper, you are not an employee of ARC and you will not receive a paycheck from us. You will receive a payment through PayPal for a predetermined amount after submitting a satisfactory report. No taxes are withheld from the payment. Each shopper is an independent contractor and responsible for proper tax reporting for their income.

More questions on becoming a Telephone Mystery Shopper?

Please register on and submit a ticket or email for more information.