Coaching Increases Revenue and Improves Employee Engagement

By monitoring customer calls, there is more immediate engagement and buy-in from employees.

Quality Monitoring reinforces the active customer relationship, which is at the core of quality customer care.

At a Glance


  • Inconsistent call experience
  • Lost opportunities
  • Need to streamline inbound


  • Provide superior customer experience
  • Uncover customer needs and opportunities
  • Develop business relations

“The insight from the outside is improving scores and customer communication because what you think you’re saying, may not be what the customer thinks or hears.”
Branch Manager

The Client

The client is a premier, full-service equipment rental firm with more than 50 years of equipment-rental expertise with over 300 locations, and growing, across the United States and Canada. A pioneer of the equipment rental industry.

The Challenge

The client’s vision is to be the supplier, employer, and investment of choice in their industry. However, an inconsistent customer experience was resulting in lost opportunities. In an active state of growth and acquisition, their goal was to streamline the inbound call experience and provide their employees with the tools not only to deliver superior customer service and further develop business relations but also to uncover additional customer needs and opportunities.

The Solution

The client hired ARC to collaborate with their internal training department to create a unique call evaluation survey outlining the desired aspects of business development to be met while providing a customer solution. The ARC team audited live, authentic inbound calls to branches and contact-centers using the custom guidelines.

Scoring and feedback were provided via email immediately upon completion through a custom reporting dashboard. Scoring and performance metrics were updated in real-time across the company.

This tailored process was coupled with a customized coaching program involving 3 phases:

  1. Pre-selected calls and evaluations were reviewed and updated during coaching and goal-setting sessions.
  2. Coaching on trends established over time (vs. pre-selected evaluations) was provided by a professional coach.
  3. Branch managers transitioned to coaching their established and eligible staff members.

These phases allow best-in-class habits to be tailored to the individual person, and create space for managers to further develop the leadership qualities desired.

The Results

Manager feedback from branches that embraced this coaching program reported increases in reservations simply by their employees learning to ask different questions. Coaching to trends reduced the time between sessions, and created additional opportunities to reinforce the client’s other top-of-mind initiatives. Teams appreciate discussing their trends vs. specific errors during an individual call as this promotes connection with and engagement from the employee focusing on overall growth.

In just 9 months of coaching the client reported that equipment rental revenue increased 31.6%.

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Cheryl Thibault,
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