Using Call Monitoring to Establish and Exceed Expectations for Quality Customer Service

At a Glance


  • Gathering data on the quality and efficacy of phone skills for a banking client.
  • Testing the knowledge base of representatives for specific scenarios.
  • Setting telephone protocols as a benchmark for customer service quality.


  • Accurate scoring, evaluations, and quick turn-around.
  • Set new expectations for quality customer service.
  • Insights informed coaching for the team and individuals to meet and exceed those expectations.

The Client

For over 30 years, Shonda Sammons has helped companies develop their front-line staff into brand advocates. Specializing in corporate training and coaching, the firm works with employers to identify in-house talent, matching skill sets of employees to job responsibilities, evaluating recruitment efforts and converting everyday order takers to enterprising champions.

The Challenge

Shonda Sammons of Advocate Builders was engaged by a banking client to coach their employees on telephone protocols. In order to establish good telephone protocols and plan effective coaching, Shonda needed to gather data and insights from the bank employees’ current telephone performance. “I was searching for a new telephone mystery shopping partner and found exactly what I was looking for on my first call with Cheryl,” says Shonda. “I needed to find a trusted partner who could help me achieve the goals for my clients.”

The Solution

Shonda partnered with ARC to gather data that would be used to set expectations for quality customer service for Advocate Builders’ coaching and corporate development clients. ARC conducted mystery shopping calls to target specific bank employees and specific scenarios to test employee knowledge in those areas. “They worked closely with me in establishing professional telephone protocols that supported the goals of my clients. The recorded calls and the variety of reports provide an excellent opportunity to set specific customer service expectations and to coach employees to the organization’s standards.”

Compliance & Reliability

“I have been working with Cheryl and the ARC Consulting Team since 2013. …The structure of ARC’s call performance program helps identify phone champions that can be rewarded for going above and beyond. I highly recommend Cheryl and the entire ARC Team. They are the experts in the mystery shopping market. It is a pleasure to work with them. They are responsive and genuinely interested in helping their clients succeed.”
Shonda Sammons, Advocate Builders

The Results

ARC’s mystery shoppers were not recognized by the bank representatives, which yielded accurate scoring and evaluations of their call performance. ARC’s professionals were able to develop updated prompt, proactive recommendations for call evaluations based on call analysis, and a quick turn-around on reports to inform coaching. Armed with these insights, Shonda was able to plan and implement the effective coaching program with the bank’s employees and transform them into internal brand advocates. Today, Advocate Builders continues its collaboration with ARC for call monitoring and telephone mystery shopping.

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Cheryl Thibault,
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