Onsite & Virtual Training

Onsite & Virtual Training

We design onsite everywhere programs that reinforce your company’s goals–improving phone sales performance, product knowledge, company policies, and your protocols for customer service interactions. Ongoing or as-needed, training sessions include basic telephone skills and etiquette, role-playing scenarios, positive reinforcement, problem-solving skills, effective listening techniques, and effective questioning skills.

Our professional trainers are experts in unlocking and maximizing the potential of your contact center agents or branch representatives. We work with you to identify problem areas, define needs, and determine the knowledge and skill gaps on your team. Utilizing this needs analysis, we create customized solutions to solve problems and fill the identified gaps. Our instructional design approach for training engages and motivates your team members through creative and interactive design emphasizing application and knowledge retention.

Training and coaching ensures consistency in company and product knowledge across your contact center team. When customers are transferred to different agents, this consistency is critical. Developing your agents’ tactical skills is just as important as their emotional intelligence. Both capabilities are fundamental to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Investing in agent training improves your customer experience

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction. When your customers feel their needs are addressed by your contact center, their satisfaction with your product or service builds loyalty to your brand.
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies. Training and monitoring ensures consistency across your contact center, which yields efficency, possible upselling revenue, and better profitability.
  • Improved Employee Job Satisfaction. Investing in your agents increases their engagement, expands their skills and competence, and provides career growth–all of which creates a sustainable, committed contact center that delivers a consistent customer experience.

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eBook: 4 Ways to Transform & Optimize Your Contact Center
ARC has been a great partner and collaborator for our needs and if we need anything in the future or any of the other programs at my agency need anything like this, ARC will be the first I will recommend.
Sheena M Ammen Binder Director, Client Access - AllHealth Network
I am impressed with the quality of notes and their ability to capture the technical details properly in them – which is tricky given all the components and technical jargon our industry likes to throw around.
Ted Ekkars Polaris
I feel better now that I know the coach and know all the preparation they put into understanding our company. I feel like they are part of the team now. I was impressed with the fact that they have already profiled our coordinators and understand the best tactics to train them with.
Tom Southerland Neff Rental
ARC was very receptive to our needs from the very beginning and I could tell that they were going to be a pleasure to work with. Their references were excellent and their pricing was exceptional! They are open to new ideas and very creative – they really go the extra mile to help.
Jeff Wu Houston Methodist Hospital

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