Quality Monitoring

Providing every customer the same high-quality service experience is a top priority for any organization, but especially in industries where doing business means getting it right, every time.

The Challenge

A major hotel chain is receiving consistent feedback from guests that the agents they were connected to often put them on hold, transferred their call multiple times, and generally weren’t being supported the way they expected. The hotel management is looking to identify any gaps in the customer experience and equip their contact center agents with adequate tools to serve potential guests better and protect their brand reputation, all without applying unnecessary pressure to their team.

How we solve the problem

Through ARC’s Remote Call, Chat, and Email Performance Evaluation, the hotel chain is able to garner objective, accurate data that identifies areas of improvement across the contact center. ARC analyzes, interprets, and evaluates individual interactions to paint a holistic picture of the service the hotel provides.

With those areas identified, ARC can then provide individual pieces of training for the hotel’s agents, developing an on-site, one-on-one coaching program designed for the unique needs of each agent.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

ARC was very receptive to our needs from the very beginning and I could tell that they were going to be a pleasure to work with. Their references were excellent and their pricing was exceptional! They are open to new ideas and very creative – they really go the extra mile to help. We have never had one issue with ARC’s services or support. They really know their product line. It is refreshing to deal with such an honest and flexible company. I highly recommend them to any call center looking to improve their overall operations and customer service levels.
Jeff Wu Houston Methodist Hospital
ARC has been a great partner and collaborator for our needs and if we need anything in the future or any of the other programs at my agency need anything like this, ARC will be the first I will recommend.
Sheena M Ammen Binder Client Access – AllHealth Network
I’ve been working with Cheryl and her Team at ARC since 2017. If you want the feel and service of a small intimate company but the quality, technology and results of a very large corporation, this is the place. Cheryl and her Team have excellent follow-through on requests, changes or details you may want to discuss with your project. We utilize her Team for our secret shops on our sales agents. It does not matter where we are located in the United States, her Team is able to monitor our calls during the time zone we need, 24/7.
Tracey Nesselrote Cruise America
So you THINK you’re doing okay? You think the first interaction your team has with a potential client, or existing client, is good? After all, YOU trained your team on how to answer the phone. Right? Possibly you are right, however, you won’t know the truth unless you “inspect what you expect.” Cheryl and her team are the key to making sure that you truly do “have them at hello.” Don’t leave this important aspect to chance and assumption!
Coleen A. Ellis The Pet Loss Center
I am impressed with the quality of notes and their ability to capture the technical details properly in them – which is tricky given all the components and technical jargon our industry likes to throw around . It makes it much easier for me to analyze the results and share the verbatim with my leadership because they all make sense.
Ted Ekkars Polaris

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