Coaching: The Foundation of Success

At the foundation of every successful business is their CX team. When they make contact with a customer, there’s a massive opportunity for your business to establish a life-long client. That moment happens when a representative goes above and beyond to make sure the interaction is a positive one. In the same way, if something goes wrong and the interaction is a negative one, a snowball effect can occur. The fact of the matter is, recommendations spread by word of mouth. Even when there are two conflicting experiences, more often than not, the negative one wins out. Therefore, points of contact need to have the same high-quality interaction every time to retain one (or both!) customers.

So how can you be sure that those important conversations go above and beyond your customer’s expectations? CoachingA key part of this essential preparation is proper coaching and vigilant reflection. Adapting to the needs of your representatives can only be passed down in their ability to provide for your customers. Empowering your customer experience staff is the first step to ensuring your clients are being taken care of. There’s always a chance they’re fielding difficult questions, handling unusual circumstances, and managing important relationships. It’s worth making sure they’re ready and willing to take on that responsibility.

There are steps businesses can take to identify pain-points, check-in with staff, and equip them with the best tools available.

Use Speech Analytics to Identify Obstacles

Using Speech Analytics, you can remotely monitor interactions and coach service representatives to ensure you’re constantly improving your customer’s experience.

Listen in or read an automatically generated interaction transcript to reveal information that can help you improve agent performance, reduce costs, and provide the optimal customer experience. With Speech Analytics, you’re able to save important call highlights to share with your team, uncover trends in customer needs, gain product and competitor knowledge, and capture business insights to improve your contact center’s performance.

Speech Analytics technology automatically identifies and analyzes words and phrases spoken during agent-customer interactions, revealing conversational trends and topics, as well as business opportunities and gaps. This help agents bring their A-game no matter whether you’re sitting next to them or across the country with real-time and post-call coaching features.

Frequent, casual drop-ins

It may seem like a small gesture, but reaching out to representatives with a casual check-in can make a huge difference. Often, these open touch-points can uncover hidden difficulties, unseen successes, and valuable insight into the work they are doing. From there, you can develop a plan to coach each associate in areas they feel they need support.

The well-being of your business is directly linked to the well-being of your employees. Every individual is experiencing change at breakneck speeds—it can be hard to juggle everything at once. A simple, thoughtful, and intentional chat can keep your team members on track.

You’re leading your team through one of the most tumultuous situations in history. Some agents may be working from home, some still in the office, others getting their feet under them. Now more than ever, they need to be heard, they need connection.

Team Meetings

Having a full-team meeting once, twice, or a few times a week opens pathways for communication and allows essential collaboration to take place. Customer service isn’t, and never has been, one-size-fits-all. Building a CX plan that works for your business and using it in the ways that most positively impact your customer relationships is paramount.

These meetings keep staff up to date on things each individual is working on, the challenges they’re facing, and the techniques they are using to overcome those hurdles. Front-line representatives have the first-hand experience handling those difficult conversations. Give them an opportunity to step up and demonstrate their expertise.

Here is a great time to recognize individual and team success. There will be times where highlighting exemplary work is the best motivator. Using positive examples to reinforce an overall mentality builds culture and encourages personal growth.

Now that you’ve identified and allows your team to communicate and collaborate, you can get to work building a tailored program for your team.

What are the benefits of identifying, coaching, and training?

Improved Employee Retention. Feeling heard and listened to is the first step to keeping a team member on-board. It’s worth leading with relationships first.

Smoother Processes. Through collaboration, your team can flesh out a line of communication that works best for them. When your agents control their own destiny, efficiency happens.

Career Development. Being a CX associate comes with challenges, but it also brings with it valuable person-to-person experience. Allowing that to blossom into career pathways is essential.

Better Performance. First contact resolution is always the goal. When your team is properly coached, they’ll be properly equipped to handle problems they are presented with.

Overall Customer Satisfaction. When representatives are confident, competent, and informed, it translates to a customer’s satisfaction with an interaction. There are relationships on the line, so why not make sure they’re taken care of?

ARC Call Performance Monitoring & Analysis

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