Contact Center Quality Monitoring Strategies for 2023

Contact Center Quality Monitoring Strategies for 2023

To be successful, your contact center quality monitoring strategies for 2023 must adapt to the evolving business and economic landscape. And CX is one of the primary components experiencing rapid evolution.

In fact, Forrester predicts that “2023 will be a year of reckoning for customer experience (CX) programs as companies struggle to focus on customers while navigating a turbulent economy.”

Can you believe this is actually good news?

Within this struggle to consistently deliver the customer service (CS) that consumers have come to expect and demand, there is an incredible opportunity for those companies that can meet the challenge.

The quality of your contact center operations can be your competitive advantage, helping you stand out and differentiate your company from your competitors.

Here’s how …

Provide Ongoing Coaching and Training

Forrester also predicts that, in 2023, “four in five CX teams will lack critical design, data, and journey skills.”

And without these skills, teams “remain stuck on basic find-and-fix work, unable to help their organizations innovate to thrive in a challenging business environment.”

So, investing in ongoing coaching and training will enhance and continuously build your contact center team’s skills and support your company’s ongoing success. And it should be among your strategies for 2023.

Keep Contact Center Agents Motivated

Perhaps one of the most powerful quality monitoring strategies for contact centers in 2023 is to focus as much on the employee experience you’re providing as you expect your agents to deliver on the customer experiences they’re responsible for.

A company culture of appreciation, acknowledgment, and rewards for a job well done have a ripple effect that ultimately benefits the customer as well.

Motivated contact center agents are more engaged in their actions and perform their jobs better. When quality scores go up – customer satisfaction and retention go up as well.

Your employee retention will improve as well. Inspired and happy contact center agents stay with your company longer, increasing morale while reducing recruitment and onboarding costs.

Everybody wins.

Maintain Commitment to Quality Monitoring

2023 is not the time to divert your attention from or reduce your commitment to quality monitoring. Quite the opposite, in fact.

In their special report, “Planning Guide 2023: Customer Experience,” Forrester recommends “investing in projects, skills, and technologies that will improve the quality of CS programs’ work and cutting spending in areas that are prone to bloat.”

To be sure you’re doing so, it’s crucial that your strategy includes regular assessment of your quality monitoring program. After the initial data review, carefully analyze the insights your quality monitoring reveals about your team’s performance. Regularly review the monitoring program itself to ensure it’s collecting the data that’s most meaningful and important.

Your program should be updated as often as necessary to respond to industry and business changes, as well as any new concerns that arise.

Get the Strategic Help You Need

Most companies find it extremely valuable to get expert help in creating and implementing their contact center quality monitoring strategies.

That’s what ARC has done for our clients over the past 25+ years. And we’re here to help you, too.

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