How Much Does Call Monitoring Cost?

How Much Does Call Monitoring Cost? Woman monitoring row of agents making calls

To ensure you’re receiving the full value of your investment into your expenses for a call center, you need to monitor the customer experience process. But how much does call monitoring cost?

The answer depends on quite a few factors, and as is true in so many other cases, your cost is ultimately determined by what you and your organization want and need.

Imagine ordering a pizza. You call a new shop in town and ask how much a pizza cost. The answer depends on the size of the pizza you need (based on the number of people you’re feeding) and how many toppings you want (based on your individual preferences).

Ordering a pizza is relatively simple and straightforward. Something you’ve probably done countless times in your life.

Ordering call monitoring can be simple and easy too; when you’re working with experienced professionals who will actively listen and inquire about what you’re struggling with or looking to accomplish and then tailor a plan to meet your specific needs.

Your Specific Needs Determine Your Call Monitoring Cost

To begin determining your wants and needs in regards to call monitoring, consider these questions:

  • Do you already have a process to evaluate calls?
  • How many criteria are you using to evaluate the calls?
  • How many agents/reps do you need to monitor?
  • How many contact centers or branch locations do you have?
  • How many calls per month per agent do you want to monitor?
  • What is your average handle time?
  • Do you have a call recording system in place?
  • Do you have a reporting system in place?

Cost Relative to Value: Monitoring Catches Problems Before It’s Too Late

Just as a doctor monitors your health so you can take preventative measures before it’s too late, proper call monitoring catches problems, and allows you time to be proactive in fixing those problems, before damage is done to your business.

So the other side of the call monitoring cost question is this:

How much will not monitoring your call center cost you?

Call monitoring allows you to evaluate your customer’s experience with your company. It provides the opportunity to identify issues and take measures to increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Our clients find the value of call monitoring far exceeds the cost. Some even considering it truly life-saving for their business.

Want to Know How Much Call Monitoring Costs for Your Organization?

If you’re ready to get a customized estimate of what call monitoring would cost for you, we’d love to discuss it with you and help you determine what you need in your specific situation.

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