How to Activate Staff-Driven CX Solutions and Results

How to Activate Staff-Driven CX Solutions and Results - happy contact center employee gesturing at computer screen

Every business is looking for a competitive advantage, and mastering how to activate staff-driven CX solutions and results gives you one.

When intentionally empowered and encouraged, your people can be one of your biggest assets. This is especially true when it comes to managing your CX (customer experience), which has become a critical component of business success.

The better your employee experience — the happier your staff is — the better your CX.

In fact, according to research done by Medallia Institute, companies in the top 25% of employee engagement have 25% higher overall customer satisfaction. Medallia Institute’s research also shows that high employee engagement results in a 21% increase in profits.

So, how do you activate and empower your staff to solve CX challenges and get results for your business?

Activating your staff to be CX solution- and results-driven comes down to the employee experience you provide. And the best way to provide a consistently positive and empowering employee experience is to implement an employee experience program.

Asking for Feedback Empowers Your Staff to Find Solutions

An effective employee experience program focused on empowering CX solutions and results must go beyond simply asking for feedback during annual reviews or even through periodic surveys.

You need to give your staff the ability to provide you feedback in the moment they see opportunities for improvement. They also need to be able to participate in leading impactful change and collaborate to implement solutions.

This can look like making feedback channels easily accessible within daily workflows and then using technology to process and analyze the data to direct actionable insights.

For example, you may consider attaching a link to a simple feedback form to each task that an employee completes throughout the day, or to a timesheet if they’re recording their time … something that they will see and be able to use to record their feedback as they go about their daily work. Technology behind the form can then process the feedback collected, analyze it, and output it into a report for you to review.

Then, in order for it to be empowering, you also must set clear expectations on what will happen with that feedback. It’s not enough to simply receive your employees’ ideas. Those employees also need to see that something is happening with their feedback.

When you empower your employees in this manner, you improve your CX while also improving your employee experience. They’re both good for your business growth and success.

Activating Staff-Driven CX Solutions and Results is Good Business

Encouraging and then being responsive to employee ideas and feedback regarding CX challenges allows you to implement solutions and get better results faster. And customers will notice. They’ll be happier and more loyal.

Your staff will be happier and more loyal, too. They’ll stay with you longer because they’ll feel more valued and see that they play a role in the bigger picture.

And then, with happy customers and employees, your business grows and thrives.

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