How to Reduce Contact Center Employee Turnover

How to Reduce Contact Center Employee Turnover - happy business people wearing headsets and working in call center

It can cost thousands of dollars to recruit and train new staff — even more so for high quality contact center agents — so smart leaders are continuously considering how to reduce contact center employee turnover.

It’s certainly worth your time and attention. And not solely because of the impact on your bottom line.

Retaining trained talent within your contact center can have a massive impact on the quality and consistency of your customer service as well.

With these benefits and more available, here are some ways you can reduce employee turnover in your contact center.

Be Selective in Recruiting and Hiring

In order to keep good employees, you first must hire people who will become good employees.

You may need to revise job descriptions and/or interview processes so people fully understand the role and responsibilities before they accept. You may also potentially need to adjust how you advertise job openings and/or how you recruit new talent to begin with.

Take time to evaluate your recruiting and hiring processes to see where improvements can be made and streamlined, because reducing employee turnover begins with engaging and employing the right people.

Provide Consistent, Quality Training and Coaching

Once you’ve hired the right people, you need to give them the tools necessary to be able to excel at their job. This isn’t only the physical items or equipment required to complete the job, but also consistent, quality resources, training, and coaching to continue developing their skills and knowledge to perform at their peak.

Being prepared with the right training and call coaching, empowers your contact center agents and customer experience representatives. It gives them confidence and overall improves their job satisfaction.

And when employees are empowered, confident, and satisfied within their role, they’re less likely to leave.

Build and Maintain an Employee Experience Program

Employee experience programs show you’re invested in your team’s wellbeing and committed to ongoing employee development. They show you care. And because of this, they can dramatically reduce contact center employee turnover.

Tools like Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Performance Scorecards should be part of your Employee Experience Program. While data is key, you also need to explore and integrate ways to motivate your contact center agents.

For example, consider building a system for showing appreciation and recognizing employees who are performing well. Establish a positive and supportive culture that acknowledges a job well done.
Simply put, investing in your employee experience can pay dividends in reduced turnover.

It’s Not Enough to Know How to Reduce Contact Center Employee Turnover

Knowledge alone isn’t enough to generate results. It must be implemented. You must take action to make something happen.

If you want to learn more or need help implementing these strategies for your team, we’re here for you. In fact, it’s our mission to “help companies develop a strong service culture among their employees, enabling them to achieve customer satisfaction with every interaction.”

When you’re ready to see how this could apply to your company, we invite you to get in touch.

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