Secrets Behind Successful CX Programs

Secrets Behind Successful CX Programs - contact center woman with headset smiling

Smart business leaders learn from both the mistakes and success of others, and learning the secrets behind successful CX programs is definitely a smart move.

Customer experience (CX) is more than a buzzword, it can be a determining factor in business success. The challenge is managing CX effectively and efficiently in today’s world of increasingly complex technology and the myriad of ways that customers interact with brands.

A recent study by the Medallia Institute (part of the CX management company Medallia) looked at over 580 organizations and their CX programs to identify the secrets behind successful CX programs. The research revealed four key pillars common to the top performers.

The four key elements of a successful CX program are:

  • Signals
  • Insight
  • Engagement
  • Action

Signals: Customer Feedback and Data Collection

Successful CX programs gather data and customer feedback across as many channels as possible. This includes data from chat and call sessions managed from within their contact centers as well as third-party review sites.

The more data you can collect about the voice of your customer, the better you can know what’s important to them … and the easier it is to innovate and provide a customer experience that’s meaningful to them.

Insight: Analytics and Measurement

Of course, it’s not enough just to collect the data. You have to actually DO something with it. You must track, measure, and analyze the data in order for it to provide usable insights.

The Medallia Institute research showed that 47% of the best CX programs systematically analyzed the data collected a minimum of once a month. And they did so using customer-related technology such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Contact Center Agent Productivity systems
  • Customer Feedback Management / Voice of the Customer (VoC) systems
  • Marketing Analytics / Personalization systems
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP) systems

Engagement: Leadership, Data Sharing, and Work Routines

CX is much more successful within a company culture of employee engagement and empowerment and where the importance of CX is clearly communicated as an integral part of the company.

When employees are empowered with direct access to relevant customer data that they can use to support daily decisions and work routines, they are able to deliver a better customer experience. An added benefit is that this also improves employee satisfaction and retention.

Action: Ownership, Responsiveness, and Innovation

The most successful CX programs take the data and insights gathered and use them to fuel customer-centric innovation and improvements.

For example, they may use tech to automate and personalize the customer experience, to improve the quality and consistency of customer support experiences, and even to use customer feedback for product innovation.

The Foundational Secret to Successful CX Programs

Underlying each of these four key elements to successful and top-performing CX programs is the ultimate secret of all.

That secret is listening and acting in such a way that customers feel understood and heard at every step along the way of the customer journey.

When that is the goal of your CX program … and when you use signals, insight, engagement, and action to make that goal a reality … not only will your CX program be successful, but so will your company.

Putting These Secrets Behind Successful CX Programs to Work for You

It’s not enough to simply know the secrets behind successful CX programs, you also have to execute them into your own company’s program.

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