What is Call Center Human Verified AI Quality Assurance?

What is Call Center Human Verified AI Quality Assurance? - smiling call center agent getting feedback from coach or trainer

Speech Analytics technology uses artificial intelligence to monitor calls, It is an extremely useful and valuable tool and when you add a human component, that’s when you can take your CX to the next level. So what is Call Center Human Verified AI Quality Assurance? And do you need it?

Speech Analytics for Call Centers

Simply put, speech analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically record and then scan through every call that your call center handles.

The technology is set up to identify and analyze key words and phrases spoken during the call between your call center agent and the customer. This helps you identify conversational trends and topics that come up during the interactions.

Speech analytics also gives you a way to quickly sift through large amounts of recorded conversations and data to measure the performance of your call center and individual agents.

However, as useful and valuable as AI-driven Speech Analytics is, it only scratches the surface of all that’s really going on during a call.

Call Center Human Verified AI Quality Assurance

Human Verified AI Quality Assurance, on the other hand, pairs the artificial intelligence of technology with the emotional intelligence of a human monitoring the calls.

A Human Verified AI Quality Assurance solution lets you read between the lines of data to evaluate the parts of the customer experience that even the most sophisticated computer program can’t interpret. Things like tone, inflection, and cadence give insights into what’s really behind a customer’s frustrations … and only then can you provide the proper solution.

By integrating Speech Analytics with Quality Monitoring into a holistic Call Center Human Verified AI Quality Assurance program, you can identify coaching opportunities to improve agent performance, increase compliance, and boost overall productivity and satisfaction.

This improves your call center’s efficiency and can reduce costs.
You can further analyze trends and topics identified by basic Speech Analytics to uncover deeper business opportunities and gaps in meeting customer needs … showing ways to improve not only your call center but your business as a whole.

Get the Elevated Benefits for Yourself

Combining AI-driven Speech Analytics with human Quality Monitoring into an integrated Human Verified AI Quality Assurance program gives you the following powerful elevated benefits:

  • Identify coaching and development opportunities for call center agents
  • Uncover trends, gaps, and areas for improvement in the customer experience you provide
  • Capture insights to improve performance and reduce costs

There is no better industry leader to help you get those benefits than the person who pioneered the concept of Human Verified AI Quality Assurance, Cheryl Thibault, Founder and CEO of ARC.

Under Cheryl’s leadership and direction, ARC is here to help you with your own Call Center Human Verified AI Quality Assurance program so that you can claim all the powerful benefits for yourself.

We invite you to connect with us to discuss your company’s goals and needs. Contact us by using this form to book a call or by calling 1-800-397-3515. If you prefer email, you can contact us at info@arcqs.com.

In the meantime, you may also find our Contact Center Optimization FAQ helpful.