ARC has been a great partner and collaborator for our needs and if we need anything in the future or any of the other programs at my agency need anything like this, ARC will be the first I will recommend.

Sheena BinderVP Client Experience – AllHealth Network

I am impressed with the quality of notes and their ability to capture the technical details properly in them – which is tricky given all the components and technical jargon our industry likes to throw around . It makes it much easier for me to analyze the results and share the verbatim with my leadership because they all make sense.

Ted EkkarsPolaris

(ARC) was the last of 3 monitoring companies that we used over the course of 3 or 4 years. When we hired them in 1995 we were very satisfied and have not felt the need to look elsewhere for this type of service ever since. Cheryl and her team do an outstanding job of providing honest and objective reviews of our calls. Through the joint effort of ARC and my supervisory team, we are continually modifying our scoring requirements and have achieved great results. Our year round group consistently scores 98 – 100%+ (with bonus points) on their monitored calls (up from 85.5% before working with ARC). We use a combination of secret shops with remotely monitored calls and additionally we use (ARC) to provide email monitoring. The reports that we receive are very useful and when we request changes to existing reports or the addition of new reports, Cheryl is quick to implement the desired changes. Regarding ARC I would highly recommend their services. Cheryl Thibault has been a pleasure to work with over the past several years. I have found her to be up front with her comments and she has offered a number of important suggestions for improvement. She completes the work in a timely manner and is very flexible with our requests for reports, etc.

Kim HeisterAlcas Corporation/Cutco Cutlery

You are doing a great job at finding weaknesses in the staff’s knowledge levels. I enjoy the wording of your questions and how you are changing up the shopped calls. I am able to define exactly what we should work on as a group for any particular day based on feedback from the calls. Thank you.

Noel CollinsMerit Lending

ARC was very receptive to our needs from the very beginning and I could tell that they were going to be a pleasure to work with. Their references were excellent and their pricing was exceptional! They are open to new ideas and very creative – they really go the extra mile to help. We have never had one issue with ARC’s services or support. They really know their product line. It is refreshing to deal with such an honest and flexible company. I highly recommend them to any call center looking to improve their overall operations and customer service levels.

Jeff WuHouston Methodist Hospital

I am very happy with the MS/QA program. Since we do not have a QA department, Cheryl has been my “ears” and she has escalated several critical issues to us…the ARC staff is very friendly and flexible too. One of our best mystery shoppers is a man who is homebound due to a disability. He is very focused on helping us figure out how to be better. He even has coached the reps on how they can escalate issues to their management team.

Amy GershmanVerisign/Network Solutions

I’ve been working with Cheryl and her Team at ARC since 2017. If you want the feel and service of a small intimate company but the quality, technology and results of a very large corporation, this is the place. Cheryl and her Team have excellent follow-through on requests, changes or details you may want to discuss with your project. We utilize her Team for our secret shops on our sales agents. It does not matter where we are located in the United States, her Team is able to monitor our calls during the time zone we need, 24/7. We’ve used several companies in the past for secret shopper calls and our agents were able to determine when they had a shopper on the phone. This is not the case with Cheryl’s team. They thoroughly calibrate with us to determine our customer call flow and their secret shops are outstanding. The client dashboard for reviewing our call monitors and reporting on our stats is very user friendly, as well as, offers fantastic reporting options. I highly recommend Cheryl and her Team and I hope to continue to be a long time client of such a great company!

Tracey NesselroteCruise America

I feel better now that I know the coach and know all the preparation they put into understanding our company. I feel like they are part of the team now. I was impressed with the fact that they have already profiled our coordinators and understand the best tactics to train them with. I feel your company has really invested time and energy into understanding our objectives. There is no doubt we will get better with your continued support.

Tom SoutherlandNeff Rental

I have been working with Cheryl and the ARC Consulting Team since 2013. I was searching for a new telephone mystery shopping partner and found exactly what I was looking for on my first call with Cheryl. They worked closely with me in establishing professional telephone protocols that support the goals of my clients. The recorded calls and the variety of reports provide an excellent opportunity to set specific customer service expectations and to coach employees to the organization’s standards. The structure of ARC’s call performance program helps also to identify phone champions that can be rewarded for going above and beyond. I highly recommend Cheryl and the entire ARC Team. They are the experts in the mystery shopping market. It is a pleasure to work with them. They are responsive and genuinely interested in helping their clients succeed.

Shonda SammonsAdvocate Builders

So you THINK you’re doing okay? You think the first interaction your team has with a potential client, or existing client, is good? After all, YOU trained your team on how to answer the phone. Right? Possibly you are right, however, you won’t know the truth unless you “inspect what you expect.” Cheryl and her team are the key to making sure that you truly do “have them at hello.” Don’t leave this important aspect to chance and assumption! While my team and I had our expectations on what the first line of interaction was to look like with the phone call, we didn’t accurately know how many times this part of our business was banging on all cylinders. With Cheryl and her team, we found out! And, it was priceless information to do immediate course corrections and make sure every phone call was handled in the same way, according to the expectations and deliverables! The ROI is inevitable when you KNOW the answers!

Coleen A. EllisThe Pet Loss Center

We are SO PLEASED with how well this program is going. If only all of our vendor partners were so easy to work with. Let me know if I can ever assist you with a customer testimonial, I would be happy to praise the ARC organization. Your call feedback is really helping us zero in on the problem areas, thanks for keeping us honest!.

Michael WebbMyron Business Gifts

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