3 Ways to Motivate Contact Center Agents

3 Ways to Motivate Contact Center Agents - female agent celebrating a win with coworkers next to her

Part of leadership is empowering your team to be and do their very best, and we’ve found there are 3 ways to motivate contact center agents that help leaders do just that.

Empowering and motivating your contact center agents makes them happier and more effective at their jobs. It improves their performance, which improves the customer experience they provide for your customers … always a good thing for any business.

It also improves their satisfaction with their job. And that keeps them with you longer. Improving employee retention gives you a better return on the investment you’ve made in recruiting and training your agents … another good thing for your business.

So, here are those 3 ways to motivate contact center agents:

1. Give Them the Tools They Need to Succeed

By “tools,” we don’t mean just the physical equipment. Although having the right equipment to effectively perform a job is always important. But equally as important are the mindset and skills necessary for success.

You can give your agents these critical tools through ongoing training and coaching.

When your contact center agents receive coaching focused on learning and leveraging their strengths and correcting areas needing improvement, they can feel better about their job and perform better overall.

2. Ask for Their Feedback and Listen to Them

Just as your customers have a better experience with your company when they feel heard, so do your contact center agents. Feeling seen, heard and valued makes them feel important. It gives them personal validation. And that’s very motivating to any of us.

You can ask for agents’ feedback by incorporating Employee Satisfaction surveys into your management process.

3. Let Them Know How They’re Doing

Another important factor in motivating your contact center agents is sharing metrics that let them know how they’re doing. Performance scorecards are perhaps the most effective way to do this.

As the name suggests, scorecards are a way for your agents to “keep score” and know how their performance measures up to expectations. Scorecards can provide a performance baseline, show how agents are connected and contributing to business goals, and even encourage friendly competition.

All of which are highly motivating as well as empowering to your agents.

Motivating Contact Center Agents is Good Business

The results you get from implementing these motivational tactics are good for business. And you end up winning on two fronts …

Not only do your agents receive a better experience, but so do your customers.

If you want to learn more about implementing these 3 ways to motivate your contact center agents, we’re here to help.

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